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allie, 20. I like drawing and scifi and vidya games and tv shows and animes. currently, this blog contains a lot of: newsroom, downton abbey, and the usual bad comedy. art blog here! I have also have a bsg-specific blog and a newsroom-specific blog





  • incredibly long crosscountry train ride AU
  • police procedural AU
  • bookstore AU
  • reluctant teammates that save the world together AU
  • platonic living together AU
  • lawyers AU

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My dog York won’t do it for the vine by Wellington Boyce

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the business cat meme is so unnerving to me ive seen the comics on my dash a lot lately and those don’t bother me as much as the image macro like i dont MIND it and some of them i think are funny but let me try to explain

like he knocks things over with no regard for the fact that that is a mess and someone is going to have to pick it up. he will expect things to get done like reports, but then he lays on the keyboard of the person trying to type. how can they get that report done now? not to mention he can’t even read reports because he is a cat - these people are all working for literally no reason because nothing they do matters to this cat. this cat doesnt know how to run a business; it could collapse at any second. he doesnt do work, he just sits in boxes and if he goes to a meeting he will bring his prey and expect the humans he’s meeting with in a professional capacity to know what to do with it and if they don’t, they’re fired. he makes his employees work overtime just so he can try and catch a laser pointer on the wall. their lives are being messed up because of the antics of a cat.  i am breathing heavily just talking about it this is horrifying. i dont want think about working for a cat.

idk ive always been spooked by weird shit lmao like when i was a kid i couldnt look at black and white stuff like pandas without losing my shit and i couldnt see dandelions gone to seed without freaking out

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#ive always wanted to talk about why this particular meme hecks me up 


my mom just said “watch this” then ran a red light and said “i just don’t care”

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You put yourself right between the killing thing’s teeth, but you don’t give it the power to—

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Peoples replies to actors’ tweets are like the YouTube comments of twitter

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